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3 Interview Rules to Live By

30 Jun

Being a recent college grad, I’ve been on my share of interviews, which sadly ended there. From what I’ve been told is the standard interviewee etiquette, like being on time for interviews, looking attentive, and always following up.

Now during and after some of my interviews I’ve noticed that interviewers don’t follow the same standard, which in my own opinion would be nice if they did. Here are a few things that both interviewers and interviewees need to take into consideration:

  • Time–Everyone keeps a schedule and no matter who they are they like to keep to it. This being said an interviewer arriving late for an interview is wasting one person’s time and possibly a few other people. By making a company wait for you this gives a bad impression as to how you may be as a full time employee. On the other side, an interviewer making an interviewee wait is just as bad. I’ve actually experience and was kept waiting late in the afternoon for a half hour. Needless-to-say this is NOT something I enjoyed and neither would anyone else. This gave me a bad first impression for a company that already wasn’t so thrilled about and helped me really make up my mind about not wanting to work there. Bottom line: No matter who you are never keep someone waiting. It’s rude and very annoying!!
  • Focus–During the interview, look interested! I mean you did apply for this position for a reason and need to show the interviewer that you really do want the job. Pay attention to your body language because that definitely shows your eagerness and interest in the company. At the same time an interviewer needs to be aware of their body language. Being interviewed while the interviewer seems completely uninterested makes it hard to focus. Again I’ve experienced this and it threw me off from what I was saying about my experience. Bottom line: Be aware of your behavior to keep a positive attitude in the mind of who you are meeting with both interviewer and interviewee.
  • Responding–After every interview, it is standard to send a thank you note. Interviewers understand that sometimes because of time an email may be all they receive. However, if there is time, a handwritten note is still very much appreciated. No matter the form that you are sending a thank you, make sure that is personalized. Include some points discussed in the interview to show what you took away from the conversation. Now hopefully since you’ve taken the time to go to their office to meet with them and personalize a thank you note you’ll get a response on whether or not you’ve gotten the position. It’s definitely the worse sit around and wait for weeks wondering if you got the position, especially if they gave you a time frame of when they’d get back to you (which has passed). Bottom line: Remember to send the interviewer or interviewee either a thank you or an acknowledgment of the status on the position.

OK so as much as this was a blog post, it was also a way for me to blow off some steam. I’ve had all of these problems in interviews over the past couple of months. As a job seeker, I would like for interviewers to show the same level of respect as I show them. What are some horror stories you’ve experienced in the job hunt? Are there ways that we could point them out to interviewers while being polite?


Help Me Become MTV’s first TJ

16 Jun

After 3 weeks of silence I can finally shout

I was chosen by MTV to possibly be their TJ!!!!!

Oh well that felt lovely. But here’s the deal I’m part of MTV’s Follow Me: The Search for MTV’s First TJ. From the moment I heard I was chosen, even out in the 90+ weather, I was jumping up and down grinning from ear to ear. To have the opportunity to be the voice of the MTV audience, yeah that means YOU, is absolutely crazy!!!

Follow me @bitty_boop if you aren’t already and check out my MTV profile. Basically if you know or follow me already, you know I am a very bubbly person with a lot to say and I love cupcakes;) Had to sneak that in. So naturally I want to hear what you have to say to MTV and I’ll make sure they get the message. With my PR background you KNOW I’m the right person for this and honestly once you get me going you won’t get me to shut up.

On my MTV profile you can see my Twitter, blog, and Tumblr pages but of course there’s a lot more to me. Also check out my Flavors page which will definitely allow you to get to know me a little better.

Of course don’t be afraid to just tweet me or leave a comment. I will definitely get back to you. Very cliche but I’m a people person and would love to get to know you better.

Alright now that I’ve given you all of that be sure to tell ALL your friends. I’m talking about your tweeps and Facebook friends. You definitely want someone like me letting MTV know what you’re thinking. I mean come on no one wants another Spencer and we could all use a little more Snooki in our lives.

#PRStudChat 2010 Graduate Honoree

1 Jun

Many of you most likely saw the fabulous #PRStudChat post put together on me by Bethany Cramer. In the spirit of celebrating all that were graduating this May, Bethany was so nice to interview me, which gave me the idea to interview her. With the end of her college career ending and journeying off into the real world, Bethany definitely deserves to have the spotlight on her.

Bethany is an outstanding May 2010 graduate from SUNY Geneseo and from the moment we first connected, I knew she was an amazing person I had to get to know better. From her blog and Twitter, Bethany’s true personality comes out and will definitely draw you in to learn more about her. She has focused her job search in the Pittsburgh and Ohio areas but is up for the beautiful area of New England if given the opportunity. Hopefully this post shows you some of the amazingness of Bethany and you’re able to connect with her just as I have.

Brittany (BJ):What are five fun facts you’d want people to know about you?
Bethany (BC)  1. I am always listening to music; I can’t live without it.
2. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins are my favorite sport teams.
3. Nothing makes me happier than being on the water.
4. I may have a slight case of perfectionism…
5. I am itching to join the professional world!

BJ: Why did you choose PR and what kind of background do you have?

BC: I chose PR because I love the hectic and highly involved nature of the field. I have always been a people person by nature, and a profession that is based on building meaningful relationships couldn’t be more perfect. Also, who can forget my lifelong love for writing 🙂 I do not have the typical background. I studied Business Administration at SUNY Geneseo, a small honors college in upstate NY. To learn more about PR and marketing I completed multiple internships during my undergraduate career. I worked in the PR, Account Services and Interactive departments at the marketing agency Dixon Schwabl, learning PR practices, client interactions and social media. I also completed a PR internship with the National Kidney Foundation, working on events and fund-raising.

BJ: As a recent graduate, where are you looking to begin your career and why?

BC: I would like to begin my career in a city where I can gain a great deal of experience. Particularity in Pittsburgh, PA or the popular cities of Ohio. I am also a fan on the New England area. Obviously I am not very picky! 🙂

BJ: Is there one course you took in the past four years that really impacted you?

BC: My “PR Case Studies” class provided me with the most hands-on experience. We worked with near by towns, aiding to their revamping processes. We were assigned clients and helped rebrand their personal businesses and their town overall. My group was actually chosen to present our rebranding ideas in front of the College Council. It was a great learning experience and really got me excited for the world or PR.

BJ: If you weren’t doing PR, what would be your career path?

BC: I have a strong interest in Advertising. I love to pick apart commercials and stay up to date on developing marketing trends. If I were to go back to school it might be for Advertising or Brand Management.