Help Me Become MTV’s first TJ

16 Jun

After 3 weeks of silence I can finally shout

I was chosen by MTV to possibly be their TJ!!!!!

Oh well that felt lovely. But here’s the deal I’m part of MTV’s Follow Me: The Search for MTV’s First TJ. From the moment I heard I was chosen, even out in the 90+ weather, I was jumping up and down grinning from ear to ear. To have the opportunity to be the voice of the MTV audience, yeah that means YOU, is absolutely crazy!!!

Follow me @bitty_boop if you aren’t already and check out my MTV profile. Basically if you know or follow me already, you know I am a very bubbly person with a lot to say and I love cupcakes;) Had to sneak that in. So naturally I want to hear what you have to say to MTV and I’ll make sure they get the message. With my PR background you KNOW I’m the right person for this and honestly once you get me going you won’t get me to shut up.

On my MTV profile you can see my Twitter, blog, and Tumblr pages but of course there’s a lot more to me. Also check out my Flavors page which will definitely allow you to get to know me a little better.

Of course don’t be afraid to just tweet me or leave a comment. I will definitely get back to you. Very cliche but I’m a people person and would love to get to know you better.

Alright now that I’ve given you all of that be sure to tell ALL your friends. I’m talking about your tweeps and Facebook friends. You definitely want someone like me letting MTV know what you’re thinking. I mean come on no one wants another Spencer and we could all use a little more Snooki in our lives.


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