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Mentors are the Key to Success

28 Oct

A few weeks ago, #u30pro focused on the great topic of mentors. Within my four years of studying public relations and almost 3 months working at my first job, I have two official mentors and have gained some unofficial ones along the way. Each one has been there for me to give great advice and as a result I plan to become a mentor for Quinnipiac School of Communications’ mentor program in the spring.

Based on the discussion, I’ve provided some of my thoughts from my own experience with mentors.

Why have a mentor?

Having a mentor through your education and at the beginning of your career is very important. When given the chance to have a mentor during my junior year and again my senior year of college, I took full advance of the opportunity. When meeting my mentor Lauren she immediately gave me some really great helpful reading advice on what I should pick up throughout my day to keep up with news. As Lauren and I have grown closer we would continue to swap great reading materials and tools to for each other to look into. She’s actually the one who told me about Foursquare and Hootsuite. Also another advantage I realized from my mentors are that they are FULL of helpful knowledge on the public relations industry. Asking them specific questions definitely helped prepare me for the real working work. Everything you learn in classes is all well & good but the information a mentor can provide you about the real world will be different and is very important to keep in mind.

Finding the right mentor

Thankfully my communications school had a mentor program where the mentors and mentees filled out questionnaires to match each other up with someone that had similar personalities. I would definitely suggest that ever school start such a program for juniors and seniors. Those are the two most important years in my opinion as you are really into your major and thinking about the post-graduation world. I realize that all schools aren’t going to have such a program (maybe you could help start one) which is why for those connecting with professionals in the industry one hopes to work on Twitter this may be the best way. Through Twitter you could acquire an amazing mentor that you can really gain insightful knowledge from across the country. Additionally Quinnipiac’s PRSSA chapter realized the importance of mentors and started a mentor program connecting freshmen and sophomores with juniors and seniors. Within your own PRSSA chapter those really just starting to learn about public relations could really benefit from what experiences juniors and seniors have had in their internships.

Becoming a Mentor

In my opinion, there is no wrong time to become a mentor. If you can provide someone with useful resources and the support they need to help them then your age shouldn’t be a factor in whether or not you’d be a good fit. Having experience is obviously important because you need to know what you’re talking about. I’m not a mentor just yet but being able to provide people with advice is just so rewarding. With my few experiences of being able to help PR students, I’m really excited to receive my first mentee in a few short months.

Overall having a mentor and being a mentor is such a great experience and a great way to obtain knowledge from both sides. I would definitely recommend being a mentor or obtaining one. What has your experience been with mentor? What suggestions do you have to make it a beneficial relationship?


I’m back!

12 Oct

I’ve been very neglectful of my blog and am back to bring it back to life. I did honestly make an attempt to post a few weeks ago from my Blackberry but the post was lost. šŸ˜¦

At the time it probably wasn’t the best idea since my life was pretty crazy (I was attempting to blog on my phone while on the train late one night) and I was never home. But now that things have quieted down, probably because the cold is coming and I’m not one for being out in cold temperatures. I’m working on the post I had wanted to put up awhile ago for later this week so keep your eyes peeled.