My #HAPPO Christmas List

8 Dec

With it being Christmas time, I thought what better way to celebrate #HAPPO than with my Christmas Wish List. Now I must admit this is my first one in like 15 years but I figured why not give it a shot.

Dear #HAPPO Santa,

As you know, I have been one determined person this past year. In addition to my last semester of college, I decided to take on another PR internship and work on campus. Then following graduation while still job hunting, I took on another internship, so that PR never left my life. When I got my first job, three months after graduation, I couldn’t be happier, though I always knew something was missing. That is why for Christmas I am asking you for the perfect job, where I can best utilize my talents and interests. Below you will find all that I’m looking for to begin the New Year:

–       PR— Public relations is definitely the industry I want to work in. From my education, internships/job, and personal experience, PR is where I know I belong. When I think back to how I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher, I thank ever fiber in me for switching to the communications school during my orientation.

–       Consumer— At my first job, I was doing financial PR and while it was a great experience, it made me realize that I love consumer PR. I have three internships worth of consumer related experience and loved what I was doing at each place. While I gave another sector a shot, consumer PR (or something similar) is really where my heart belongs.

–       Social Media—If you know anything about me (besides my love of cupcakes), know that I absolutely love social media and am always interested in learning about the latest and greatest tools. Since high school, although I didn’t exactly know it, I’ve been using social media, mainly in the form of blogging about my crazy teenage years. (Let’s just say I was your typical teenage girl with emotions 😉 )

–       Great people—Now we all know that PR isn’t your typical job and sometimes requires long hours, that is why where I end up, I want to be working with some amazing people. Being able to work in an environment where people get along and aren’t just frozen their screens all day is important!

–       Location—While I’d prefer to stay close to home aka New York City, I have considered some other cities as well when looking for jobs. Boston, Philly, DC, and Chicago are the other places I’ve looked in my job search. I’m sure it would be a hard move, though I need to think of what’s best for me and if something great comes along, I’m not going to hesitate to jump all over it.

Well #HAPPO Santa, I think those are my top 5 points needed for me in my new job for the New Year. I know it won’t be easy but I’m sure that with my experience and motivation of what I know I want, you can get the job done!


Brittany James (@bitty_boop)


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