#Reverb10 – Day 9 (Party)

9 Dec

December 9 – Party Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Now for the record, partying is definitely something I know about. Really anyone still in college or just out should know all about it.

When I think about 2010 and partying, a lot of memories come to me like New Year’s Eve with my closest friends, Friday night penny drafts at Aunchies, my birthday (what a night!), and Thanksgiving Eve (aka my high school 4 year reunion, next year’s actual 5 year should be fun), but only one party really stands out to me. It involved myself and about 1,400 other people and lasted for three wonderful days. I’m talking about my senior week leading up to graduation.

Being able to party with all my friends one last time before we had to really grow up was definitely the best part of 2010. I was able to see some friends I didn’t normally see when I’d go out and just relax. Sure going to Toads when it was still light out was a bit ridiculous but sipping wine by the pool at Holiday Hill all day was great! So many different events compiled into three days totally wasn’t enough.

Now when I go back to my friendship pages on Facebook, a lot of the pictures are from those three days. Makes me want to go back so much.

Point of this memory: I love the Quinnipiac University class of 2010!

PS. The best part of those three days, was even after all the partying we did all day, at night until about 3am we’d go to one of the dorms and party in the open area.


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