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Why I’ve Started to Hate Blogging

5 May

First, I’d like to say this post is a result of my observations over the past few months. It is not intended to offend anyone but just give my honest opinion on blog posts.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that everyone seems to be writing about things a little too late. While I like to hear the thoughts of others on what is going on in the world, there is a timely factor that should be taken into account.

A little over a month ago, a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo. I’ll be the first to admit that I follow the cobra on Twitter and enjoyed the first several posts about what was done right and wrong, especially in a time in which we technically should be worried, considering it could have killed us. However, weeks later, posts were still being published surrounding the whole ordeal. Honestly, this isn’t really newsworthy anymore and people need to move on.

From my experience, I have seen that people respond best to postings that are timely in what is going on in the world around them. So, next time you think of publishing a new blog post, think to yourself, “Is this still newsworthy or am I just repeating what others have stated?”

My other observation has been, I keep reading the SAME story! Come on people. You can’t find anything else to write about other than “You’re Doing ‘This’ Wrong” type posts? I’m sure there is something you see in your every day that others do not in which you could write a kick ass blog post on.

Going through my reader, I basically read the same thing over and over again, just a few words changed. If you’re going to write about a topic that’s fairly common, try taking an angle no one has seen before. Not to be cliche but think outside the damn box! Besides being crazy busy, this is one of the main reasons my blog posts are here and there when it comes to updating. I don’t want to sound repetitive so I stay away.

As I think about future blog posts, I’ll update only when I feel it is necessary. I’m hoping the points I have brought up are considered before publish buttons are pressed.