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What’s Your Bra Color?

8 Jan

I’m not sure how it started but when I logged on to Facebook yesterday evening most of my girl friends had colors as their status. I was extremely confused as were you most likely. After some investigating/stalking of comments from people asking what was with the colors I discovered it was linked to supporting the fight against breast cancer.

With family members that have died from different forms of cancer, a friend’s mom passing in 5th grade from breast cancer and another friend’s mom survived, I’ve always been very passionate about finding a cure. Next year I’m even hoping to walk with my friend in memory of her mom (going to school in different states prevented this in the past).

Guys were completely left in the dark on purpose as described in the little note I discovered in my inbox. But was this a mistake in the overall campaign? A small percentage of men have been diagnosed with breast cancer, so why not include them? If this were a real campaign, men should have definitely been included.

Clearly someone started this and hoped it would spread throughout Facebook. Well it worked!! It obviously also caught the attention of many in the Twitter world. Amanda Mueller from Cashman + Katz tweeted “If anyone doubts the reach of viral marketing…check your Facebook statuses and see how many colors you see…perfect example.” Could you imagine if this was a real campaign? Initially I thought maybe it was started by the fan page of Pink Ribbons, supporting the fight of breast cancer, but I was wrong.

Personally I think if updating a Facebook status to a color brought in tremendous amounts of results, a company or celebrity should take this idea and run. I’ve seen so many viral campaigns over the past year, mainly on Twitter, such as Ashton Kutcher v. CNN and Hugh Jackman’s promise. Ashton not only promoted himself but also Twitter, Ted Turner, and CNN and Hugh promised to donate $10,000 to a fan’s favorite charity. Umm love her and the show but I’m sure Kim Kardashian could donate the money she gets for tweeting to a charity.

Did you post your color? If you haven’t will you post it? (My friends are still posting their colors today.) As a PR person how would you have carried out this campaign?