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30 Dec

Well I’ve participated in 2 #PRStudChats already and yesterday participated in my first #Journchat. Moderated by @PRsarahevans I didn’t expect the chat to be as intense as it was but I guess with more participating from two industries I should have expected it. It even got to the point where my Tweetdeck had reached its limit though somehow my #Journchat column still updated.

Among the topics discussed were how we became interested in public relations or journalism, ethical problems at the Times, and predictions for 2010. Many shared the same reason as me as to why they chose PR as a career path. Being able to be creative and flexible is something I really desired even though I almost considered journalism because of an intro course my freshman year. Also, I didn’t say it but I love to talk which was another one of my deciding factors, though I definitely need to practice on my speech presentations more. I admit I’m not the most patient person but I do need a vast amount of interaction with people otherwise I get completely antsy and annoyed.

Many had predictions about what would happen to PR firms in 2010. Clearly social media is the biggest change that firms are going to have to adapt to and help clients better understand everything. From what I’ve seen through a past internship and one that I’ll be starting soon, clients are starting to use Facebook and Twitter but not as fast as they should be interacting with their audiences. This past semester some clients the company I was interning at did PR for had started their own Facebook pages and did an ok job when it came to updating and promoting themselves. Next step for companies only on Facebook? Twitter. Many don’t really see the point in Twitter but really it’s the fastest easiest way to get information out to those who follow you, in my opinion. One of the biggest obstacles will be how to measure both quantitative and qualitative, but I’m sure that a way will be found, it’s just a matter of time.

Ethics was also discussed not only in relation to the New York Times but also within blogging. Since I’m just starting this blog, I only see fit that I discuss some of the ethics brought up during the chat about blogs. One of the main rules is to always be honest. I mean come on no one likes a liar and everyone deserves the facts/truth. Also make sure to give credit where it’s due when posting. Plagiarism is severely frowned upon…in ANY industry and any creditability that you may have earned during your time will be lost. All I have to say is good luck building yourself up again. One more important thing is remember to be you! I personally don’t think a blog should be too bias. Every point should be looked at and given consideration but putting your own ideas into your blog so your readers know where you stand. And to follow my own advice..blog frequently. In high school I used to blog all the time but with all I do in school now I rarely have time. Since I’m on break right now I’ll definitely post more and try to have at least 2 posts weekly when I return to school.

Alright it’s getting late since I have an early start for tomorrow. If you participated in the chat and think I missed something or misinterpreted something please let me know!