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Lets Hit a Homerun Through #HAPPO

18 Feb

It’s the bottom of the 9th and the team is down by two runs. Who do you want coming up to bat you know will not only tie the game but also bring home the winning run? OK maybe we’re not at the end of an all important game so close to winning but that’s the feeling any agency feels when they are close to landing a new business client. When I heard about #HAPPO, I thought what a FANTASTIC idea for all of graduating public relation major seniors to participate in and get our name into the PR world.

My answer to you as to who you want coming in to seal that all-important deal is ME! New and excited to step up to the plate for your company is Brittany James, senior public relations major at Quinnipiac. Let me tell you a little bit of facts you’d find off my rookie card to see whee I have been and have accomplished through my PR related experiences.

  • Public relations intern at Cashman + Katz Integrated Communications—I draft press releases and pitch letters, analyze and evaluate social media for our clients and their competition and conducting research for client Facebook pages
  • VP of Fundraising for Quinnipiac’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter—helped to raise money for members to attend the national conference and helped develop a campaign for a New Haven, CT based non-profit
  • Public relations intern at Goodman Media—researched blogs for clients, sent out mailings, and compiled media lists

Over the past four years, I have developed some very important skills not only from my PR related experiences and class work but also exploring into new projects on my own. Being that skills are part of the whole package that will continuously grow and improve, I am always up for a new challenge. I recently just asked a friend to teach me the basics of Photoshop before we graduate. Here are some of my skills that I have started to learn and I’m sure there is more for each I haven’t tapped into just yet.

  • Being proficient in Microsoft Word, SPSS, Bacon’s
  • Familiarity of Blogger and WordPress formats
  • Having knowledge of Associated Press Style
  • Knowledgeable of various social media platforms (ie. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Well now that you know my where I have been and what I know, I bet you are wondering what kind of entry-level team I’m looking for so that I can utilize the skills I’ve learned so far. Being from Westchester County in New York, it has always been one of my dreams to work in New York City. Following my first internship, I knew immediately the agency life was the one for me, given my need to have a few projects at once so that I can break away from one sometimes and come back with fresh new ideas. Some areas I have taken a keen interest in are sports, fashion, entertainment, beauty, food & wine, and health. Now this is not to say other areas that PR firms focus on are not going to catch my eye.

From experiences, I have realized that there are a few key things I need in my work environment, which will help me produce my best work. I’m looking for a team that can get along with each other in any situation, whether it is business or a social setting. Knowing how others interact outside of their work is beneficial because it really shows where a person comes from and will hopefully teach others a bit about themselves. I believe having a good relationship in the work environment not only benefits the company but also the clients.

You should add me to your team because of the hard work and determination I am willing to put into my work daily. From all my work on both campus and at my internships I have become such a more focused contributor on any project I take on. With each day I am continuing to learn both on my own (I love taking on a challenging project) and with the help of others. Also paying attention to details is something I strive for in each piece of work.

Here are a few last things you should know before I hit that big homerun for you. I was recently just named “Tweetheart” by Deirdre Breakenridge and Valerie Simon for next month’s #PRStudChat because of all the connections I have made within the Twitter community. Thanks again ladies=) I’m a MAJOR tweeter, using my account to interact with other PR pros and students and my friends. Since last summer, Twitter has become one of my favorite things to use. I’ve met many amazing people all over the country and my relationships continue to grow on a daily basis. Also another PR pro, Sarah Evans, presented me with an amazing opportunity to be apart of her post for #HAPPO on PR pros telling employers why they should be hired.

If you want to get to know me more leave me a comment, drop an email (byjames624@gmail.com) or send me a tweet (@bitty_boop), I’d love to connect a grow from what you have to offer. Also you can check out my resume or connect with me via LinkedIn. In addition to this blog I keep two others for class, one about MTV and the other Target, and another Twitter account (@brittjamespr) to go along with the MTV blog. Thanks for coming to check out my post. I hope we can knock this one out of the park and really develop something great!!!